Let me help you clarify, simplify, and achieve your organizational vision!

If you are determined to achieve success and freedom to run your organization instead of it running you, we have the experience and proven solution to get you there.

Keith's Short Story

From the age of 16, Keith Quattlebaum, started his first entrepreneurial venture and for the last 25+ years, has served in leadership roles across diverse industries and circumstances.
Having seen the inner workings of different industries within non-profits organizations to family-owned, privately owned, and public companies, Keith recognizes that the frustrations in organizations are remarkably similar, requiring a simplistic and effective approach to get rapid and sustainable results. He has seen both success and failure, and as a business leader, he has been able to transform dispirited cultures and organizations that have found themselves operationally stuck.
Despite successful roles, he continuously sought a system to drive success in a business on a predictable and repeatable scale. That is when he began pulling together the best ways for growing companies lay the foundations needed to scale.
Keith immediately immersed himself and his leadership teams in the processes and strategies of executing the needed foundations. Leading him to the role of COO and Integrator giving him the opportunity to put his experience of leading fast-growing and changing businesses to work while self-implementing EOS within the company.
After great success implementing and operating EOS in executive roles Keith started Aligned Vision Works to allow him to serve and help more than one company at a time. He is dedicated to helping organizational owners, executives and their leadership teams become systematically free from organizational chaos. He adamantly believes that being successful in your personal life and running a thriving business should and can be aligned, where business leaders and their teams are happy, doing what they love, and earn the compensation they deserve for their efforts.
Today, he works with business owners and leadership teams of open-minded, growth-oriented companies to help them clarify, align, simplify and achieve their vision. Keith’s zeal for results, delivering difficult information with grace and truth, extensive educational and professional experience, provide the momentum organizations need to align their vision to achieve greater success. He naturally gravitates towards identifying root issues, bringing them to the surface, and developing strategies to combat the pains of business operations.
If you are determined to achieve success and freedom to run your organization instead of it running you, Keith has the experience and proven solution to get you there.
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