By: Keith Quattlebaum  |  May 27, 2020

Phone or Webcam?

Virtual Meeting

Are you making good use of your current or previous cell phone to improve your virtual connections with your team and your clients? Do you already have a great webcam but have a deactivated phone lying around that you can allow a team member to use? 

Being able to clearly see who you are working with can help limit the distractions that arise with virtual communications and make for a more pleasant experience. There are many app solutions out there but here are a few to get you started, iVCam, IP Cam, and DriodCam. Each of these are quick and easy to set up by installing the app on you mobile device, then the accompanying software on your Mac or PC. Take the time to test which works best for you and your device with the free versions then upgrade you want or needed. 

The best recommendation I can make when using your current or deactivated phone as a high-quality webcam is to take the time to set it up to using a direct USB connection instead of operating over WiFi. This will make sure there are no quality or log issues. Each application has a little different way to do this so be sure to read through their FAQs or support documentation before getting started.

To demonstrate the difference between a built-in webcam and a mobile device with an app below is a side by side comparison of my built-in HD webcam on my laptop (left) versus an old deactivated Samsung Note 4 using IVCam (right). These are with the exact same lighting and absolutely no photo touch-ups!

Your customers, professional relationships, and your team are now more open to virtual connections. Take the time to ensure it is the best experience for everyone. Let me know your thoughts and what has worked best for you.

Webcam versus Note 4
Webcam versus Note 4

If you would like to check the difference in videos I have two links below using Drift video.

Laptop webcam video here.
Note 4 camera video here.

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