By: Keith Quattlebaum  |  August 27, 2020

The Right Meeting Pulse

Here’s what the right meeting pulse for your leadership team and every department in your company does…

  • It allows you to get a grip on the activities needed to pull you closer to your immediate goals and big vision.
  • Everyone is aware of who is accountable for what and when.
  • Allows for open and honest communication so that everyone is on the same page working towards the same thing. 
  • Team health. As humans our minds tend to make up so many things that are worst case or just inaccurate when we do not know all the information. Virtual or in-person time is the best way to get answers.
  • Results! With all the above happening at the leadership level of your company, helping the entire team be successful is easier. 

However, there are a few keys to making the right Meeting Pulse happen within your organization. The foundation is below. 

The 5 points of a solid Meeting Pulse:

  • Same day
  • Same time
  • Same agenda
  • Starts on time
  • Ends on time

The weekly meetings are simply a way to reduce and prevent procrastination for you want your team. While working with and leading teams throughout my career I can reflect back and know going forward that the best teams know how to hold extremely productive meetings together so that they exit the meeting executing and resolving any issues identified. 

The meeting pulses within the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) when carried out properly eliminates those exhausting and non-productive meetings that never seem to accomplish anything, leaving the same issues to battle every day. 

Weekly, annual and quarterly meeting pulses are just one of the tools implemented within an EOS run company that establishes an Aligned Vision that Works and creates for success!

What's Next

  • Download a free chapter of Get a Grip by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton from our Resource Page to learn how Swan Services learned to develop and commit to the 6 keys of EOS.
  • Schedule a time to connect: Set a time to talk about the vision you have and what you want from your business so that we can help you get there!

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