By: Keith Quattlebaum  |  March 30, 2020

The Times Ahead

During these last two weeks, what have you been focused on? If you are like the majority of the population it may have leaned towards survival for your family, the security of your job, keeping your business open or all the above if you are a business owner. Have you been more in tune with the relationships in your life, the needs of your employees, your health and the things you are most grateful for? I know I’m very grateful for what I have blessed with, worked hard for and the relationships I have made throughout my life. 

I wanted to start by asking these questions because so many people I know are have leaned to one extreme or the other over the last two weeks, “somewhat freaking out, what am I going to do?” or “this will be over quick and there are no issues.” However, there is a balance that we need to maintain in these times. 

For the entrepreneurial business owners out there, I am certain you have vividly seen the strengths that you have built within your organizations as well as spotlights on the points of failure and weaknesses in your operations. Are you looking to the future right now or are you primarily focused on what you should have done for your business before now? I think about how Michael E. Gerber the author of The E-Myth Revisited: defines the three types of business personalities, the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician. He reveals that you need the best balance of all three, either within yourself when you are starting up and you’re the single employee, to making sure you have all the strengths of the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician within your organization as you grow and scale.

From an EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) view, defined by Gino Whitman in his book Traction, every Visionary needs their Integrator, their leadership team, their system, and the entire organization aligned and focused on the same vision to create the greatest success. I strongly encourage you all to use any time you may have now to take steps to improve yourself and your company. Keep your routine as normal as possible, maintain or improve your self-care, focus on your relationships and the operational foundations in your business. 

We sometimes forget there are others in the same or similar situations as us. Now is the time to make sure that “faith” is a verb in your life, not just a noun, let your best be seen through your actions. As an entrepreneur remember to maintain the conviction for success that you started with. Do not let your commitment to the end-goal of your business working for you fade and believe in yours or a new plan that can pivot as needed will lead you and your team to success.

As an EOS Implementer and after speaking with other EOS Implementers over the last two weeks, there are many coaches out there who just want to help with absolutely no strings attached. Remember in The Times Ahead, do not shoulder all the angst and fear about the survival of your business yourself. Go to your trusted advisor or seek one out. We can offer you a perspective with truth and grace so that you can provide the leadership that is so needed and valuable to your company right now.    

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